Cats land on all fours!

Happy Monday! I was just about to post something when i heard a big thud outside! Luckily i checked it out and found my 8-year-old cat did a header off the second floor balcony. First time ever. I freaked and went flying down the stairs to the back door…grabbing temptations off the counter, just in case that commercial really works….hopeing to find the cat didn’t run out into the parking lot. He had been too freaked out to move thank god. He has never been on the road and wouldn’t have survived cars. I don’t consider myself the old cat lady, yet. However my boy is my kid, and a good little companion.
Anyways, I had a busy weekend. Have not been on a computer at all. Its odd since I have been alone again, I find it difficult to go on Facebook or spend time on the computer. Maybe I don’t want to see reminders of a different life. Even on my computer there are things on the desktop or files my partner had set up for me, that could explain my aversion. I didn’t even want the computer, I got it so we could do some of his video work from home, and I love to take pictures so he said it would be great for creating things.
Oh well, baby steps. Right now I use my old Ipad so that’s why I can’t post any pictures yet. I took a ton of photos last weekend down at the lagoon near my home. We had a big aircraft carrier parked there for a while. Floating cities. It was massive! I live in Beautiful Victoria BC Canada. Just outside of town actually. Amazing things to do right outside your door. This past weekend, i biked, and kayaked and went to some stock car racing, followed up by laying on the beach for an hour. When your on your own and rebuilding your life, this is the environment to do it in.
So my origional post was going to be about decision making! Not my strong point. I saw a TV ad for a show called the audience. Ha ha, 50 people follow someone around and help them make a major life decision. That would be interesting. Too many peoples opinions could cloud the situation more I would think. Maybe on my next life decision, I will sign up for that show. Or just post a status on Facebook. It never ceases to amaze me the personal stuff people put on there, and the comments and battles that can ensue. Blogging might be like that I guess. People have opinions and judgements, and I for one dont mind that. If you open yourself up to scrutiny, you cant control the response.
My last life decision, took me over two years in the making. I was finally procrastinating about it so much I just made it. Never looked back. Ive regretted not doing some things, making the wrong decision based on fear, and I think I would rather regret doing something than not doing it. I suppose its also how you look at it. You have to do somethings in order to not do other things. How do others make decisions? Pros and Cons list? Go with your heart? Sometimes you just dont know, no matter how many lists and deep soul searching you do. Or maybe its just me, and my decision making skills.
On that note I think I will go check out some great posts here.


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